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Walsh Custom Defense “Run What You Brung” Team Match

May 8, 2021

Registration opens on: March 08, 2021 @ 6:00 PM · Registration closes on: May 05, 2021 @ 10:00 PM 

Times are local to America/New_York timezone.

Match starts: May 08, 2021 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: May 08, 2021 @ 4:30 PM

Location: GPS Location 36.865899 - 79.8671830

Welcome to the Walsh Custom Defense “Run What You Brung” Team Match, hosted by Pigg River Precision. This match will test your ability to locate, communicate, and engage targets from 200 to 1,200 yards in a team format. All stages will be blind, and we suggest you come ready and with both eyes open! 

Range signs will be up morning of the match at both entrances off US220; look for PRP Inc. Logo.

We will be running a total of 7 stages, with up to 25 teams. You will sign up and pay for yourself and your partner and pick your choice of T Time start via practiscore. First team starts at 8AM sharp. For all shooters coming in, you will stage at the parking area around the pavilion, have open access to the zero range throughout the day, but you will not move up to the range until cued to by the RO/MD to meet your T Time. Once on the range you will shoot all stages, and once rounds complete you are welcome to hang out till match completion. 
Once at stages – you will receive the COF from the Stage ROs, have a brief period for planning, and then execute the stage. Par times per stage will vary, as will target arrays, round counts, and stage complexity. Some stages will be KD, others, well, you better bring a range finder. 
$110 Match Fee, round count – 90 per shooter 

This is NOT a prize table match, however, there will be a raffle for set of Sig Kilo RFBs, $5 a ticket, see Greg at the match to get in on that hotness. 

NOTE: Pigg River Precision, Inc. is a COLD RANGE. At absolutely no time are there to be Concealed Weapons on the Range. Please leave them at home/locked in your vehicle, etc. When leaving your vehicle and entering the range or staging area, all weapons systems are to be safety on, mag out, bolt to the rear, with a chamber flag/empty chamber indicator inserted. If you need a chamber flag, we will have them there for $2 ea. Water will be provided at all stages, you will need to pack a lunch.


1) A one MOA rifle with a reliably tracking scope. (Max caliber is .300 Win Mag, max MV is 3,200fps. Absolutely no steel core or AP rounds. Suppressed weapons are preferred, but not mandatory. 

2) Any and all equipment you choose to assist you in engaging targets accurately. There are no equipment restrictions, unless specified at individual stages or per the Match Director. 

3) Spotting scopes, rangefinders, etc. as you feel you may need for a team match.

4) Clothing as required for the expected temperature/weather, and any sunscreen/bug spray/other amenities as you see fit. You will be outside in the weather, rain or shine. 

5) Max walking distance is 250yds at one time; most stages are within 25yds of each other, and terrain is grassy field/gravel., this is not Mammoth, but you can use it to train for it. 

6) Hearing protection – it is required. Eye protection is at the shooter’s discretion. 

There are no refunds, however a shooter may sell and/or transfer a slot between himself/herself to another shooter/team if unable to attend. Shooter is responsible for alerting PRP, Inc. of any changes no later than 48hrs prior to a match, and the fill in shooter must agree to PRP, Inc. Waiver and Rules.

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General match, with the following divisions:



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