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Pigg River Precision Vibbert Precision Rifle Clinic

September 19 2020

Match starts: September 19, 2020 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: September 19, 2020 @ 4:00 PM

Location: GPS Location 36.865899 - 79.8671830

September 19th, 2020 Instructional Clinic at Pigg River Precision, Inc. 

Instructor – Jake Vibbert, 2019 AG Cup Champion, seasoned professional Precision Rifle competitor in the PRS and NRL , Owner of JC Steel Targets, Inc., and well known for his online Precision Rifle Training and in person instructional clinics across the United States. 
This Clinic is geared towards providing hands on instruction to intermediate level competitive shooters that are looking to further hone their skills.


Please note:


This is not a beginner level course. 

Attendees can expect this clinic to cover of the following:
Pre-Match and Mental Preparation, Time Management, Gear Management, Pre/Post Stage Strategy, Visualization, Breathing, Trigger Control and Manipulation, Follow Through, Stage Attack with/without ancillary gear (support bags, tripods, etc.) and a thorough instructional block on Positional Shooting. 
Slots are limited to 6 attendees. 

Cost: $375 per slot, non-refundable, however the slots are transferable. 

Attendees will work hands on with Mr. Vibbert across our entire field of props, with targets ranging from 350 to 1,200 yards. 


745AM arrival to Pigg River Precision, Inc. 
8AM - 4PM training, with a session recap. 

NOTE: Pigg River Precision, Inc. is a COLD RANGE. At absolutely no time are there to be Concealed Weapons on the Range. Please leave them at home/locked in your vehicle, etc. When leaving your vehicle and entering the range or staging area, all weapons systems are to be safety on, mag out, bolt to the rear, with a chamber flag/empty chamber indicator inserted. 


1) A one MOA rifle with a reliably tracking scope. (Max caliber is .300 Win Mag, max MV is 3,200fps. Absolutely no steel core or AP rounds. Suppressed weapons are preferred, but not mandatory. 

2) 200 round count for the day. 

3) Pack a lunch and drinks – water will be provided by PRP. 

4) Any and all equipment you choose to assist you in engaging targets accurately. There are no equipment restrictions.

5) Spotting scopes, rangefinders, ballistic app, Kestrel, etc. as you feel you may need. 

6) Clothing as required for the expected temperature/weather, and any sunscreen/bug spray/other amenities as you see fit. You will be outside in the weather, rain or shine. 

7) Hearing protection – it is required. Eye protection is at the shooter’s discretion. 

Again, there are no refunds, however a shooter may sell and/or transfer a slot between himself/herself to another shooter if unable to attend. Shooter is responsible for alerting PRP, Inc. of any changes no later than 48hrs prior to the event date, and the fill in shooter must agree to PRP, Inc. Waiver and Rules.

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General match, with the following divisions:



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